Oatly has unveiled a large mural in east London’s Shoreditch which shows a giant bottle with the words ‘ditch milk’. It is designed to encourage the public and baristas to think twice when ordering their drinks at the London Coffee Festival.

The latest ad follows the Swedish company’s controversial campaign which had the slogan ‘It’s like milk, but for humans’.

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The mural is part of a £250k OOH campaign which has seen east London decorated with a mix of murals, posters, banners, billboards and digital displays.

The ads are supported by an accompanying print campaign in Time Out, Foodism, Caffeine magazine and The London Evening Standard.

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Oatly’s creative director Michael Lee said: “Our message to the London Coffee Festival crowd and anyone else who might be interested in the future, is pretty simple — swap cow’s milk for oat drink and save the planet 73% in CO2e… See? Pretty simple.

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“And if people further consider that oat drink tastes and performs pretty great in your coffee or porridge or banana smoothie, without first travelling through the body of a cow, then we’re hoping that Shoreditch and the thousands of Baristas visiting the area might eventually label this call to Ditch Milk a complete no-brainer.”