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Our team of journalists strive hard to keep on top of the key stories in the business sector, but we’re aware we can’t keep up with everything.

Through business news, entrepreneurial insights, and lifestyle guides, we spotlight innovation and trends that are redefining the world’s most powerful industries – from tech and finance to sustainability and wellness.

Our readers are entrepreneurs and key decision makers aged 34 to 45 in Europe and North America. 

We accept two types of guest posts

Sponsored Guest Posts

Our sponsored guest posts allow for quality content with a backlink to be submitted to Headline Bulletin for a small fee. We then boost all our sponsored articles across our social media platforms with combined reach of 300k.

We offer two options, depending on your preferences:

Feature article

These focus on industry insights or business advice. We’re more than happy to discuss a bespoke article or consider a submitted guest post.

Listicle feature

We also offer a wide range of lifestyle, software (B2B and B2C), and F&B guides, which feature the top companies within a niche. Get featured in one of our lists or chat to us about more custom options.

All paid links will be tagged with rel=“sponsored” in accordance with Google Webmaster guidelines.

Regular Guest Posts

We value our regular guest posts, which bring insightful tips and advice across a diverse range of industries, from business to lifestyle.

We are more than happy to link to authoritative sites (e.g. Forbes, Reuters, and CNBC) that provide valuable information (market trends, industry statistics) if needed. However, no promotional links (links to commercial companies or personal sites) will be allowed in the body of the article.

Guest contributors are allowed 1 nofollow link back to the author’s website in the author bio to help them gain visibility in international markets across Europe and North America.  We strongly prefer if this link is relevant to our primary audience (entrepreneurs aged 25 to 34 in Asia Pacific).

It is free to contribute an article, although this will be subject to editorial discretion.

Editorial guidelines

  • Topic: Your topic must be relevant and provide value to our target audience
  • Headlines: Clear, descriptive headlines work better than puns or short, vague titles. The headline should tell readers what your post is about, and why they should read more
  • Tone: Blogs should be written in an informal, shareable tone
  • Research: Make sure that the article is thoroughly researched (only list products/tips that you fully endorse). Please use data and statistics to back up any claims. ALL sources must be attributed and hyperlinked – this includes images
  • Outgoing Links: We do not have a limit to the number of outgoing links authors include in their articles. However, these links should be highly relevant to the article’s content, and to our wider audience of entrepreneurs
  • Proofreading: We will not accept posts with spelling and/or grammar errors
  • Format: Write your post using Google Docs. Kindly note that we use British English
  • Word count: 1200-2000 words
  • Images: Always cite image sources. Include all high-definition images (JPG) in a ZIP folder, Google Drive, or Dropbox folder

What do we accept?

  • All content must be detailed and unique.
  • We accept bylined ‘how-to’ articles and opinion pieces for our website (practical advice, actionable tips, and useful know-how).
  • Articles should be original, demonstrate knowledge and value, and have positive intent.
  • Articles should be fluent, readable, and error-free.
  • Topics must be relevant to our targeted audience.
  • We accept both pitches and drafts.

What we won’t accept

  • Anything that may be construed as a link-building scheme.
  • Highly promotional for your company or organisation.
  • Anything that’s offensive or inaccurate.
  • Anything that’s irrelevant to our target audience.

Our Editorial Board has final discretion with regards to what is published on the site. We reserve the right to edit your headlines, body copy, and anything else.

By submitting a guest post to Headline Bulletin, you give us copyright ownership of the content.

How can I submit a pitch?

Please complete the form in the link below or email us at and include the following items:

• Your proposed headline (120 characters or less)
• A detailed pitch and target keyword
• Your name and email address
• Previous writing samples

Please note that owing to the high volume of submissions and limited resources, we are not always able to provide a response, but all submissions are carefully considered.


Please familiarise yourself with the existing content on Headline Bulletin as this gives the best guide as to the type of content we accept.

Subject matter experts

It is vital that any submissions are completely unique and not syndicated elsewhere on the internet.

Submissions may include:

  • Information articles (such as how-to guides)
  • Features story
  • Opinion or commentary pieces
  • Multimedia (such as videos or podcasts)

Note that reserve the right to hold publication due to unsuitability, or to make minor amendments if required.

Article length

We welcome high quality and in-depth articles. Submitted content should be exclusive and minimum of 1000 words. 

Contact Us

To proceed with your submission, you may contact us here.