Singletrack’s innovative technology and unparalleled client experience have helped it grow from strength to strength in recent years. The company was selected by Peel Hunt as their preferred provider for services across all areas.

Building on a relationship that dates back to 2014, Peel Hunt uses Singletrack’s client engagement and analytics platform to help grow its research, sales and trading businesses and, more recently, its investment banking business which uses Singletrack’s ring-fenced, compliant corporate finance solution.

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The five-year renewal will drive collaboration and give access to future innovations from Singletrack, deliver continued client support across the organisation and foster a partnership approach to addressing industry issues.

Steven Fine, Chief Executive of Peel Hunt, commented: “The technology that supports Peel Hunt has to be innovative, secure and reliable. We trust the team at Singletrack with our valuable client relationships across Sales, Research, Trading and Investment Banking. This holistic approach to relationship management means we can better serve our clients. The technology, such as real time updates on activities and status and the AI tools providing insights, gives Peel Hunt an additional edge, and Singletrack’s roadmap matches our growth and expansion ambitions.”

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Stuart Berwick, CEO at Singletrack, said:

“Our long-term partnership with Peel Hunt is illustrative of how Singletrack prefers to work with clients. They are a progressive, ambitious firm and it’s an honour to be a strategic partner, at the vanguard of what technology can achieve in capital markets. Innovations such as ambient data capture, self-service portals for clients, and AI-based recommended next actions, coupled with our dedicated client support team, ensure that we continue to provide value to Peel Hunt and other clients around the world.”

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