Channel 4 will be removing the blue light from their TV adverts to mark today’s World Sleep Day.

The broadcaster has partnered with mattress company Eve Sleep to run the initiative, in a bid to help the nation wind down to sleep more easily.

With one in 10 Brits attributing poor sleep to checking work emails before bed, the first of its kind ad break will not just remove the blue light but also include pre-bedtime tips to help people get to sleep more easily.

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Supporting the campaign are Calpol, Cazoo, Listerine, The AA and Velux who are joining the sleep wellness brand in removing the blue light from their adverts within the same break.

With the average Brit getting 5 hours and 36 minutes uninterrupted sleep a night, well under the NHS guidelines, the first ever ‘night mode’ ad break will remove the brain stimulating effect of TV’s blue light by applying an amber coloured filter to adverts from eve sleep and a number of partner brands.

The ‘roadblock’ ad break takeover will air simultaneously across Channel 4, E4 and More4 at approx. 9.45pm.

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A 90 second relaxation film featuring adults, a young child, a baby and a puppy enjoying good sleep aims to create a relaxing moment for viewers.

Cheryl Calverley, Chief Marketing Officer, said:

“There’s lots and lots of things that disrupt sleep, leaving the nation feeling groggy and not at their best each morning, and here at eve sleep we are on a mission to solve them all one by one.

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So as part of World Sleep day this year, we hope to help millions of Channel 4 viewers get the sleep they need to rise and shine.

What better way than with a TV ad break free of sleep disrupting blue light, supported by simple and effective sleep tips, and then a relaxing moment of calm.”

The campaign is the result of collaboration between 4Sales, it’s creative arm PL4Y and eve sleep’s media agency Goodstuff, working with agency partners UM (Calpol and Listerine) and Republic of Media (Velux). Goodstuff also represent Cazoo and The AA.