In a new advert created by Grey London, pizza manufacturers Goodfella’s are giving a not-so-subtle nod to their association with gangster films.

The Madrina or Godmother character is at the centre of the ‘Made With Respect’ campaign, testing and approving the food, with serious consequences for those not making the cut.

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“Our La Madrina character is a mould-breaker,” says Goodfella’s Head of Marketing. “She perfectly epitomises our brand evolution and brings Goodfella’s into the modern day.

Our products are ‘Made with Respect’; if it’s not good enough, it’s not going in the box.”

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Goodfella’s was formed in Naas, Ireland, in 1993.

They were the first to bring frozen pizzas to the UK market.

Despite its Irish roots, its shared name with the classic mob film from 1990 means it’s been able to draw on the Italian-American image in a number of campaigns.

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