BrewDog is empowering people to disconnect from work over lunchtime and rewarding everyone by buying them two pints of beer or alcohol-free beer for themselves and a colleague.

It follows research that found that 77% of UK office workers spend their entire lunch hour at their desk.

57% of the UK workforce welcome a return to the lunchtime pint as a means of ‘switching off’ – with just 11% saying that they are actively encouraged to socialise away from the office.

Out of office

BrewDog is taking a stand with its new campaign, ‘Out of Office’, which begins the fight back against always-on culture and gives people the chance to escape the office and enjoy a genuine break with their colleagues.

The Out of Office campaign is running from Monday 25 to Friday 29 November, between 12pm – 2pm across the craft beer company’s 52 UK bars.

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Happiness is here

The company is working with author of ‘Happiness is Here’ and Tedx Speaker, Susanna Newsonen who commented: “Your brain needs regular breathers throughout your day.

“Going totally offline and away from your desk at lunch is vital in helping you to recharge your batteries and better deal with stress.

“People taking part in BrewDog Out of Office will find they come back into the office feeling happier and more productive.

“It’s also a great way to better connect with your colleagues and build more positive relationships with them.”

To sign up, all people need to do is visit and input their email address, they will then receive a QR code with suggested ‘out of office’ messages to use.

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When they arrive at the bar, colleagues both simply show their ‘out of office’ and enjoy their pints on BrewDog over a relaxing lunch break.

British culture
The initiative comes after new research revealed half of office workers (49%) feel a visit to the pub or a bar at lunchtime is a key part of so-called key part of British culture.

Down time: BrewDog wants us to get away from our desks at lunchtime

However, two-thirds of office workers in the UK (66%) feel it’s no longer a common occurrence or is frowned upon by bosses.

This is where BrewDog Out of Office comes in, empowering people to reclaim their lunch hours for themselves for their own wellbeing, with alcohol-free beers from BrewDog such as Punk AF and Nanny State also being available.

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BrewDog co-founder, James Watt, said: “Leaving your desk at lunch has become frowned upon in many workplaces, most people make do with shovelling down a sad sandwich at their desk while they crack on with work.

“That’s not a break, and it’s certainly not good for productivity or our mental and physical health.

“BrewDog is making a stand and we’re putting our money where our mouth is, buying pints for the people to help them get away from their desks for a true break at lunch.

“It’s time to make a change. BrewDog Out of Office encourages people to take back that hour that is rightfully theirs.

“Our aim to be inclusive, so we are offering the choice of alcohol-free Punk AF or Nanny State as well as the classic Punk IPA or Lost Lager.

“This initiative isn’t about encouraging people to be unprofessional, it’s about reclaiming lunchtime for the people.”