(Last Updated On: 26th September 2023)

The Royal Air Force has launched a new recruitment campaign, created by London-based ENGINE, which is designed to inspire people to realise their potential.

The campaign idea, Find Your Force, was based on psychological studies on talent development and education, as well as, insights around a younger generation’s growing desire for fulfilment in their work lives.

It’s designed to demonstrate how everyone, whether they have formal qualifications or not, has a talent, something they were born to do…

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It also highlights how the RAF, helps individuals develop their talents (even the ones they didn’t know they had), through a breadth of different roles and a real depth of training and personal development.

The launch film brings this idea to life through the journey of a young woman as she explores a range of roles in the RAF; from chef to air operations, all whilst identifying which role fits best with her own personal qualities.

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The campaign launched on 15 July with 2 x 30 second TVC spots, and a 70 second online long form edit.

The campaign will be accompanied with social and digital display ads, driving people to identify an innate skill they may have, and consider a role in the RAF that may best fit this quality.

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“Talent isn’t something reserved for the few, everyone has something they were born to do”, said Billy Faithfull, Chief Creative Officer.

“If you can find it, life is more meaningful and rewarding.

“What we discovered is how deeply this truth runs through the RAF, who as well as keeping our country safe and delivering humanitarian aid, are one of the world’s finest training organisations, designed to find the force in every recruit and build a career out of it.”