(Last Updated On: 25th September 2023)

bim, the virtual gym network start-up, launches the first overall management, video communication and fintech platform dedicated to the online fitness industry to support online coaches to operate and grow their business from a single mobile application.

The online fitness market is set to keep growing at a 30% CAGR until 2026 on the backdrop of the fitness and wellness megatrend together with the online servicing habits developed across the COVID pandemic.

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Before being released to the public for free in 2021 and being recognized several times for its technological innovations by Apple, bim had initially been created by the founders of the French tech company NOERDEN during covid lockdowns as an internal video communication software for members of their global team to work out together from home.

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Gig economy

Since then, bim has been developing its comprehensive software for online fitness coaches to operate and develop their business in the gig economy.

On bim, coaches can create virtual gyms, organize live fitness sessions, publish content, grow and communicate with their clientele, receive payments and manage their revenue.

“There is a massive online fitness economy developing globally but there is no simple all-in-one platform to address the needs of online coaches and physical gyms willing to develop online.”

“With bim we aim to help coaches with an intuitive all-in-one virtual platform to improve their productivity, retain customers and grow their revenue”.

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bim has teams in Paris and Singapore and is currently available on iOS and Android, in 4 languages and in 174 countries.