EdTech success story Nuvolos can now launch worldwide thanks to a recent investment of 1.5 Million Swiss francs in seed funding. This powerful education and research cloud workspace product, from Swiss startup Alphacruncher, has been a huge success in the DACH region, and now it has the funds to roll out globally.

Alpine Group Managing Partner Harald Pöttinger (left) and Alphacruncher Co-Founder & CEO Alexandru Popescu (right), after signing the funding agreement

Alpine Group Managing Partner Harald Pöttinger (left) and Alphacruncher Co-Founder & CEO Alexandru Popescu (right), after signing the funding agreement

Tech still needs good people, and people need investing in.

Built to be usable and accessible, this unique workspace product now requires experts to help market it around the world. Alpine Group leads this new financial injection. Other backers include experienced investors such as NGM, private investors and existing users. Nuvolos can reach its full potential with their support by expanding its team. The two founders plan to kick-start and expand sales and marketing teams and invest in people to help Nuvolos reach more research teams and institutions, which will lead to more successful projects while cutting costs.

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EdTech’s next big thing


Nuvolos is set to be a major player in the EdTech space. It has been carefully designed and built to bridge the gap between abstract concepts and everyday life, enabling teachers and students to use actual data and hands-on experience.

With Nuvolos, students engage, collaborate and interact in secure, browser-based scalable workspaces to build the skills they’ll need for the future, including coding, problem solving, creativity, and teamwork.

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More than most in EdTech, it also supports research

Our core objective is to boost scientific research and education by integrating cutting edge advances in computation, data and cloud technologies. By doing this, people can focus on their area of research expertise, students can learn in more engaging ways, and facilities can ultimately save resources.

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Alexandru Popescu, Co-Founder and CEO of AlphacruncherNuvolos has been designed and engineered by academics for academics.

What has been created is a one of a kind research workspace that gives scientific researchers access to storage and cloud computing power never possible before.This means researchers can at last collaborate and work on scientific discovery in a secure and scalable, powerful workspace, no matter where they are.

The group of investors is also convinced by the team and the product.