The childlike happiness inspired by Haribo sweets strikes at two bored police officers in the latest film in the long-running Kids’ Voices campaign, created by Quiet Storm.

The police are on a routine job to monitor the speed of motorists on a particularly quiet stretch of road, but their boredom turns to delight when one of the officers opens a bag of Haribo Starmix, inspiring his colleague to release his inner child, making up a story about cops and robbers using the iconic sweets from Starmix.

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The adult characters in the ad are voiced by children – however, this execution focuses more on the playful imagination of child-like happiness.

Trevor Robinson OBE, Executive Creative Director at Quiet Storm, said: “We’re in the seventh year of the Haribo Kids’ Voices campaign and all the research shows that it’s still working hard for the brand, performing significantly above norms for recall, branding and crucially, enjoyment.”

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Jon Hughes, Managing Director at Haribo, said: “It’s very unusual for a brand to have advertising that is so beloved by consumers, where each new instalment is eagerly anticipated. Kids’ Voices still serves Haribo well and really proves the power of developing long-term creative ideas.”

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The campaign launches on television in the UK today and runs until the end of October, as well as appearing on VOD.