As part of its aims to create a healthier and more open conversation about the issue of incontinence and female self-image, TENA has launched a new campaign by AMV BBDO.

Through the lens of sex and intimacy, “#Ageless”, which is created by AMV BBDO, focuses on the positive realities of ageing for women to open up a conversation about how incontinence impacts women’s lives.

The 60-second ad is shot by Yorgos Lanthimos, director of multi award-winning film ‘The Favourite’, and features women over the age of 55 discussing their attitudes to sex and their own bodies.

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Sarah Douglas, CEO, AMV BBDO, says:

“With the new #Ageless campaign for TENA, we are challenging society’s damaging perceptions around incontinence for women and celebrating all that women are. The Essity/AMV BBDO partnership has always been about breaking taboos and using creativity for a greater good and to inspire living well.”

The ad will air on Monday, 9th March at 9pm in an advertising premiere on Channel 4, and is simultaneously being launched across the UK, France and Germany, supported by above the line activity in TV and cinema, podcasts.

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The campaign launch is facilitated by media agency Zenith and partnerships with Channel 4 and the Guardian – a first for the brand.

Lisa Myers, Marketing Manager, TENA, says:

“At TENA we are on a mission to challenge the current perception that incontinence is something to be embarrassed about. The research findings clearly demonstrate that there is a huge disparity between younger and older women when it comes to understanding the realities of incontinence and its impact on sex and intimacy in later life.”

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The campaign is underpinned by TENA’s recent research which examined women’s attitudes towards incontinence and intimacy in later life.

The findings revealed that whilst nearly half (44%) of women under 35 think that bladder leakage will negatively affect their sex lives, only 10 per cent of women over 50 say that it has.