Kia has launched its new model, the XCeed, with a primetime TV takeover.

The car manufacturer has revealed a 60-second spot that encourages consumers to move quickly if they want to secure an XCeed, which “won’t be a secret for long”.

It will go live at 9.15pm tomorrow, with the company saying it will take over 90 per cent of commercial TV.

It will then be followed by a 30-second ongoing campaign.

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The spot was created by Innocean Worldwide, and directed by Bryan Buckley.

Media was planned and executed by Havas Media, and post-production was provided by Pirates’n Paradise Berlin.

INNOCEAN Europe Chief Creative Officer Gabriel Mattar said:

“The XCeed is a watershed moment for Kia.

I strongly believe this launch will propel the brand from being one of Europe’s best kept secrets to a brand that everyone is talking about.

Hence the campaigns claim: “It won’t be a secret for long.”

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We have kept the light-hearted approach seen across the Kia work we’ve been developing, but on a more epic and cinematic scale to reflect the ambitious design of this new car.

We are confident that this campaign associated with the contributions of our local London team will help Kia to cut through in such a competitive market like the UK.” Jane Fenn, Head of Brand Communications, Kia Motors UK, added: “The All-New Kia XCeed is the latest addition to the Kia portfolio and takes the Ceed model family in a bold new direction.

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It is seen as a flagship model within our range being launched in a growing SUV segment.

We believe this is the best car we have ever launched and our launch communications needed to reflect this.

The campaign is sure to establish a strong nameplate for the model and will be unmissable on many touchpoints.”