JustEat has added direct mail to its marketing effort for the first time as it signs up programmatic direct mail company, Paperplanes.

The London headquartered food delivery app wants the direct mail firm to help it tailor effective marketing communications to its customer database.

Regional support

Paperplanes, which is also based in London, will also support trade across key regions and cities when an important JustEat activity period is on the horizon.

The agile and reactive intelligent direct mail strategy ensures JustEat customers receive offers and promotions at the right place, right time, every time.

Tech start-up Paperplanes brings together the power of the latest digital marketing technology with one of the UK’s largest industrial print companies, to enable UK brands to deliver programmatic direct mail for the first time.

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The company can track customers’ online behaviour, and then use that data to deliver personalised direct mail to nudge customer purchase decisions.

Personalised programmatics

Paperplanes said it can deliver personalised programmatic direct mail within two days of it being triggered online – From laptop to doorstep in under 48 hours.

By partnering with Paperplanes, UK brands are able to send personalised programmatic direct mail for the first time.

Standard direct mail has been sidelined in recent years by the rise and rise of digital marketing, the company said.

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Paperplanes said it changes that, as it enables these two marketing approaches, both old and new, to work together to increase sales. And together they will increase sales.

London-based Paperplanes claimed that one of marketing’s best kept secrets is that direct mail is better at driving customer action than digital.

Direct mail vs digital

It said that 25% of those targeted by direct mail campaigns took action on the mail they received. Digital means came second again with email responses totalling just 23% according to research conducted by the Harvard Business Review.

“We’re excited to be working with Paperplanes as we look to extend and vary the ways we communicate to our customers”, Ross Duncan, Senior Global Media Manager at JustEat.

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“What impresses us about Paperplanes’ solution is the speed and agility they can offer when supporting our campaign pushes.

“It was a no brainer to include Paperplanes into our marketing strategy, helping us improve conversion rates for a reasonable cost.”

Dan Dunn Founder and CEO at Paperplanes said: “We’re delighted to be working with JustEat and find it refreshing that such a well-known brand is open to try a more ‘traditional’ method of marketing.

“As brands look for new ways to engage with their customers significant investments are made in SEO, social and email but our direct mail campaigns have generated results up to ten times stronger than digital ones.”