With a new-found focus on the global ‘20-something’ market, Reebok has launched a new campaign to break conventions and reshape its image.

The Adidas subsidiary has upped its ad spend and centralised its marketing activity, now putting funding levels in roughly equal to what it was spending in 2013 and 2014.

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What’s more, the ‘Sport the Unexpected’ theme will be a top-line campaign encompassing brand and product marketing.

Where before Reebok separated fashion, performance and classic items, they will be unified under the auspices of new global head of marketing and brand management Melanie Boulden, who is committed to breaking down previous separations.

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There will also be a focus on “big stories”, less frequent and localised than Reebok’s original variety of content released. Local marketing teams will be able to take these and craft them to be suitable to their specific needs.

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This new strategy features more irreverence than previously featured in Reebok’s advertising campaigns – formulating an alternative voice hoping to connect sport, lifestyle and pop culture.