In the vibrant world of nightlife, Sophie Abrahamovitch stands out as a trailblazer, reshaping the way people explore and experience bars and clubs. As the co-founder of DUSK, a dynamic nightlife platform, Sophie’s journey from the finance sector to the world of tech innovation and nightlife curation is nothing short of inspiring.

From Gym to the Bar

Despite her busy schedule in the alcohol industry, Sophie maintains a daily fitness routine. The gym provides her with a much-needed escape from the constant buzz of phones and emails, offering a brief respite from the demands of her entrepreneurial journey.

Serendipitous meeting

Serendipity played a pivotal role in Sophie’s entrepreneurial journey when she met Jillian MacLean, the founder and Managing Director of Drake & Morgan, at the gym. This chance encounter blossomed into a partnership between DUSK and Drake & Morgan, marking a significant milestone for Sophie. Jillian’s mentorship has been invaluable, especially in an industry where leading women remain a rarity.

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Learning from failure

Sophie’s foray into finance had its fair share of challenges, including a costly mistake that cost her company £15,000. The experience was a wake-up call, prompting her to reassess her career path. It reaffirmed her belief that she needed to find a career that aligned with her passions and values.

Risk that paid off

Sophie’s journey to co-founding DUSK was far from straightforward. Her love for nightlife and tech innovation inspired her to create an app that curated top bars in London, Manchester, and Liverpool. Despite her demanding job in finance, Sophie worked tirelessly, combining her broking job with late nights building her dream project. Taking this risk was instrumental in her journey to where she is today.

Seamless fusion

For Sophie, the concept of work-life balance is secondary. She loves her work, and it doesn’t feel like a traditional job. When passion fuels your career, the boundaries between work and life naturally blur.

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Learning on the go

Sophie admits that her busy schedule often limits her reading time, so she turns to audiobooks and podcasts while on the move. She finds inspiration in “How I Built This,” a podcast featuring stories from entrepreneurs and innovators. “Masters of Scale,” another podcast that maintains a gender-balanced guest list, also resonates with her as it explores the journeys of successful founders.

Advice to her younger self

Reflecting on her journey, Sophie’s advice to her 21-year-old self would be to trust her instincts and drown out the noise of naysayers. She emphasizes the importance of focusing on getting the job done and not succumbing to the pressures of others’ expectations.

Influential figures

Sophie acknowledges the influence of Steve Durham, Owner and Director of WeAreFSTVL, who advised her not to make life choices solely based on money unless there were significant responsibilities like children or a mortgage. Sophie’s decision to follow her passion and work on DUSK full-time is a testament to the wisdom she received.

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Unexpected adventures

Sophie’s adventurous spirit led her to spend a month boxing at Church Street Boxing in New York City at the age of 23. This spontaneous decision, made during gardening leave, introduced her to a world of boxing and unforgettable experiences.

Success redefined

Success, for Sophie, encompasses more than personal achievements. It involves building a thriving business with a dedicated team and ensuring her family’s financial security. Sophie’s aspiration is not just about personal gain; it’s about making a positive impact on her surroundings and the people she cares about.

As Sophie Abrahamovitch continues to reshape the nightlife experience with DUSK, her journey serves as a testament to the power of following one’s passions, taking calculated risks, and finding inspiration in unexpected places. With a relentless pursuit of her dreams, Sophie is well on her way to achieving her vision of a successful business and a brighter future for her loved ones.