ROOM, a startup reinventing the modern workplace with modular and creative space solutions, today announces the appointment of Oliver Kaltner as its new European CEO.

In his position, Kaltner will lead the charge on expanding ROOM’s European operations, guide company strategy and shape its product roadmap.

Founding story

ROOM was founded in the US in 2018 by Brian Chen and Morten Meisner-Jensen with the goal of creating a better working environment for companies of all sizes.

Its flagship product is a soundproof, modular phone booth that solves the universal problem suffered by open office workers of a lack of privacy.

Each booth is engineered from recycled plastic bottles and is designed to be easily transported and assembled.

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ROOM already has over 2,000 US customers, including NASA, Samsung, Google, Salesforce, and Uber. Revenues are growing rapidly, with the company forecast to reach the $40 million revenue milestone by the end of this year.

Expansion plans

The company has now set its sights on expanding internationally and Kaltner, who will split time between ROOM’s Berlin and London offices, will oversee ROOM’s operations across Europe.

ROOM began its European expansion in September with a UK launch and now ships to customers in France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Denmark.

Kaltner joins ROOM with a long track record of growing businesses and has held leadership positions in some of the biggest technology businesses in the world.

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Most recently he was CEO of Vectron Systems, a POS systems provider, and has served as CEO of the luxury camera brand Leica Camera, where he oversaw the company’s digital transformation into a hardware, software and services company.

Prior to that he was General Manager at Microsoft, and has assumed prominent positions at Sony, Sky, Electronic Arts, and Nike. Kaltner is an expert in digital and IoT-based business models.

He has also invested in a number of startup companies and is active as an advisor.

Brian Chen, co-founder and CEO of ROOM, said:

“Oliver brings over 25 years’ experience growing international brands and joins at a particularly exciting time in ROOM’s journey.

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“We look forward to working together as ROOM expands into the European market and continues on its rapid growth trajectory.”

Commenting on his appointment Kaltner said: “The demands on a modern workplace are becoming ever more far-reaching.

“Open concepts require mobility, flexibility and privacy at the same time.

Since launching in May last year, ROOM’s growth has been impressive.

“With Europe leading the way in the global flexible workspace revolution, this is an unmissable market opportunity for ROOM, whose modular, easily transportable phone booths are specifically designed around the needs of modern flexible workers.

“I am excited and honoured to lead ROOM’s European operations and to be part of the company’s mission to transform the modern work environment.”