Global TV and video advertising technology firms Group IMD and Honeycomb have rebranded as Peach.

The company said the rebrand marks the company’s increased focus on innovation for digital media, enabling video ad delivery to any screen, anywhere, anytime — and helping clients seize new opportunities across TV and digital advertising.

Peach automates processes so video advertising can be sourced, checked, reformatted and delivered for TV broadcasters, online publishers and social media platforms in seconds. From the same online platform, users can track which media owners and broadcasters their ads have been sent to.

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Behind the scenes
Peach said that most viewers will have never heard of it, or the processes it makes possible, but Peach handles the majority of the UK’s TV ads.

Each TV and digital destination has strict specifications for accepting ads: Peach automatically quality checks and reformats files into over 1,000 different formats, radically reducing the time and effort agencies spend on getting ads to destinations on time and on spec.

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“We’ve built a global technology business making TV video advertising workflows simple, quick and effective while never compromising on quality,” said CEO Simon Cox.

“With experts around the world and an in-depth understanding of industry challenges, we’re now building cutting-edge technology to simplify complex workflows behind digital video advertising.

Cox: TV and video agencies rebrand

“We’re taking the frustration out of delivering campaigns and helping clients seize the potential of the new digital media landscape.

Our new identity reflects our focus on innovation in this space. It’s the logical next step in our own story of evolution and growth.”

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Operating in more than 100 countries, with 35 offices worldwide and over 2,700 clients including Unilever, L’Oreal and Universal Pictures, the company is featured in the 2019 Parliamentary Review as a case study of a UK-based global technology business.

Over the last decade, Peach has expanded internationally both through organic growth and a series of notable mergers and acquisitions in Europe, China, India, Singapore and Latin America, including eBus and Honeycomb and in that time, its turnover has grown by more than 300 per cent to £30M.