It will be brought to life across TV, outdoor, social, digital and in-store marketing with a total media spend of more than £10M.

“The campaign will position the market-leading energy brand as one that sparks positive energy, broadening our appeal,” said Amie Farrell, Senior Brand Manager for Lucozade Energy.

Unique market position

“We know Lucozade Energy holds a unique position in the market.

The campaign enhances the positive aspects of the Lucozade Energy brand and emphasises our belief that the best things in life come from positive actions and a positive outlook”.

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‘Spark Something’ will run through to September and target the brand’s core audience of 18-24 year-old adults.

The campaign performed within the top percentile of brands at a script and final execution level during research with System1.

It starts in May with TV and VOD, OOH broadcast ads, social and YouTube executions.

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Outdoor ads including roadside, rail and underground six-sheet ads during May and July will support the TV launch and encourage trial.

“We’re excited to be supporting our mass outdoor campaign with some test-and-learns with less traditional outdoor media owners, working with an artist on a mural and with legal fly-posters”, said Farrell.


The brand will also partner with Mobsta to launch a mobile display campaign in proximity to stores selling Lucozade Energy, to remind people about the brand, drive them in store and ultimately drive sales.

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The ‘Spark Something’ mobile campaign will deliver 5.6M impressions, the company said.

‘Spark Something’ will help highlight Lucozade Energy’s continued brand innovation through 2019, which started in January with the addition of Lucozade Energy Apple Blast and was seen most recently with the launch of Watermelon & Strawberry Cooler.

Available now, the flavour is the newest addition to the £276M Lucozade Energy range which includes Caribbean Crush, Wild Cherry, Brazilian, Pink Lemonade and Apple Blast alongside the brand’s Orange and Original drinks.