You may not realize it, but you can truly improve your girl’s day by doing a few simple things. Not sure how to get started? Have no fear! We have the dating solutions you are looking for. Try implementing the tips and watch your girl’s day to go from zero to “You’re her hero!”

Text her a sweet meme or gif.

Women love texts from their men. Sending her a text message shows you are thinking of her. Make it a funny video or one with her favorite actor, and she won’t be able to hold back that little grin you can’t resist!

Call her just to say, “Hello!”

Everyone loves to be popular. What girl doesn’t love it when her boyfriend calls to just see how she is feeling? All you’ve got to do is make one 5-minute phone call. Simple as that, right? Surely you can make time in your day to do that!

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Send her gerbera daisies.

This is an unusual twist on sending the classic red roses, but believe it or not, you can win her heart AND make her day with some bright, colorful daisies! They should be a lot cheaper, too! You can guarantee that these will bring a smile to her face and a touch of joy to her day!

Compliment her.

Maybe you don’t really think her hair looks different, or her dress is all that flattering, but you can fake it. Throw a few compliments her way, and she’ll be putty in your hands.

Tell her that you miss her.

So, you just saw her in the morning, and you’ll see her when she gets off work. That doesn’t mean you don’t miss her in between that time.

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Send her a text, email, or call her up and let her know she’s on your mind. Women appreciate a little tender care during the day, and who doesn’t want to know they are on the minds of their loved ones?

Kiss her on the forehead.

Women love this display of affection. It’s a simple way of showing you are her protector, her shining star who will take care of her through the ups and downs. By kissing her on the forehead, you are essentially saying, “I’m here for you regardless of the bumps in the road.”

Ask her how her day is going.

This is a surefire way to show her that you care about what’s going on in her world. You are checking in with her, letting her know that you are genuinely interested in what she’s up to. This will also help you gauge how her mood may be like later, based on the status of her day.

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Smile as soon as you see her.

You may have had a hard day; maybe you want to just relax and stop the stress from your day from taking over your whole body. We get it. You feel grumpy and overwhelmed.

Instead of focusing on the negative, try shooting her a smile as soon as you set eyes in her direction. She’ll light up like fireworks, and you want to know a secret? It will help your mood tremendously, too! It’s a win-win situation!

So, what do you have to lose? Give one of these ideas a shot and brighten up your girl’s day! You may find that you benefit intrinsically more from the experience than she does! So, I repeat. What do you have to lose?