Gorillas, the European instant on-demand delivery leader, set a new milestone for its sustainability ambitions: as of today, Gorillas has compensated for all emissions under direct control (Scope 1, 2 and 3.3) that the company has generated since its launch in May 2020. 

Around 4,960 tons of CO2 stemming from, amongst others, refrigerants, electricity, heating and cooling of warehouses and offices has been saved – the equivalent to 30,908 flights from Berlin to Paris.

Offsetting Scope 1, 2 and 3.3 emissions is an important milestone on the company’s long-term path to achieving a full net zero emission target across all business areas. By achieving carbon neutrality in all own operations, Gorillas sets a sustainability benchmark for the European instant on-demand delivery industry.

A key aspect of the reduction target is meeting the goal of the Paris Climate Agreement, under which the world community aims to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius. Gorillas takes a two-fold approach: focusing first on reduction and second on offsetting.

The approach is based on a thorough assessment and analysis of all emissions in cooperation with Planetly, a tech-company providing businesses with software for carbon management.

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As one step on the path to carbon neutrality, Gorillas plans to cut greenhouse gas emissions from its own operations. As a large part of Gorillas’ carbon footprint for Scope 1, 2 and 3.3 stems from energy consumption, Gorillas warehouses and offices are to be gradually converted to renewable energy sources worldwide.

To date, Gorillas uses 52 percent green electricity worldwide and green energy sources already account for two-thirds of warehouses’ energy consumption in Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and the UK. In Denmark, the company operates entirely with green energy supply. In addition to existing contracts with power suppliers, further agreements are planned to achieve 100 percent green electricity by spring next year.

In regards to Scope 3 emissions reduction, Gorillas is piloting a number of initiatives like reducing packaging waste with suppliers such as Vytal offering fully circular solutions for ready to eat meals, lowering emissions from business travel by implementing sustainable travel policies, and working with procurement to ensure suppliers are aligned with Gorillas sustainability ambitions.

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As a further step, Gorillas decided to offset emissions generated in the past by supporting three accredited projects of Climate Partner, a solution provider for corporate climate action. With projects located in Congo, Bulgaria and the USA, Gorillas supports the growth of renewable energy production, contributing to the fight against global warming. 

In Congo, Gorillas supports a hydroelectric power plant, which prevents the cutting down of trees for charcoal and saves the habitat of endangered mountain gorillas. The project lays the foundation for the development of the local economy by generating electricity for new businesses that create jobs and more stability in the region.

In Bulgaria, the ‘Gas Recovery Project’ converts methane captured in the recycling of wastewater into clean energy so the gas cannot pollute the atmosphere. In the US, the offsetting project supports the generation of wind energy and the education of future wind technicians. 

All three supported projects are officially certified with the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) and the Gold Standard, contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). (Please see below for more details about the projects.)

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“Carbon neutrality is one part of our long-term environmental and social sustainability efforts. To leverage our impact, we are currently developing a comprehensive ESG strategy and roadmap that will additionally focus on diversity, equity and inclusion for our employees as well as our local communities and neighborhoods. In terms of environmental stewardship, waste management will play an integral role next to our carbon neutrality goals” says Dr. Alexander Brunst, Global Vice President Sustainability, Public Affairs & Corporate Social Responsibility. 

“At Gorillas, we have incorporated sustainability in our vision and actions from day one. Not only do we encourage our customers to live a mindful and healthy lifestyle, we also live by these values every day and will double down on our approach through our upcoming ESG strategy. We have already achieved an important milestone by compensating for all emissions under direct control – setting a benchmark for the European instant on-demand delivery industry. And we will continue to set ourselves ambitious goals and push the boundaries of becoming a better company every day”, says Kağan Sümer, Founder & CEO at Gorillas.