Eurostar has released the next instalment of its ‘You see more when you don’t fly’ campaign for audiences in Britain and France, releasing the strategy’s first TV advert.

Bringing back the Ostrich character introduced at the end of 2019 in print and digital formats, this version sees it brought to life for TV and cinema audiences by Patrick Daughters at Gorgeous, and MPC.

Two 30-second adverts see the Ostrich exploring cultural attractions on both sides of the channel – a punk exhibition in London and a classic market on the streets of Paris.

The whole campaign is designed to show off the many benefits of travelling straight to the heart of European cities.

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The campaign will run nationally across TV and cinemas in the UK and France throughout February, and launch later in the year in Belgium.

Leon Jaume, Executive Creative Director at ENGINE, said: “The determined non-flyer has two heroes: Eurostar and the Ostrich.

They are brought together in the new Eurostar TV campaign to demonstrate the joy of arriving in the centre of a European capital with your serenity intact, eager to get the most out of the weekend.

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The Ostrich was hatched by Richard Nott and David Dearlove at Engine and nurtured into maturity by Patrick Daughters’ direction and MPC’s sorcery.”

Richard Sherwood, Customer Engagement Director at Eurostar said: “The latest phase of our campaign reinforces the benefits of travelling by Eurostar – taking customers to the city centre which gives them more time to explore their destination.

The new TVC’s have a bold and refreshing feel which reflects the challenger brand approach that’s part of our DNA.”

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Alex Snookes, VFX Supervisor at MPC said: “Working on this project required a lot of meticulous planning and MPC’s involvement right from the very start.

MPC worked closely with Patrick Daughters, David Dearlove and Richard Nott to offer our creative input, making sure the VFX was applied in the best possible way.

The biggest challenge was bringing Patrick’s vision of the ostrich to life and giving it a fun and engaging character. Overall, it was a great collaborative process and a fun campaign to have been part of.