UK nappy cream brand, Sudocrem, is launching a new TV and digital campaign centred on the brand’s ‘soothing’ qualities working beyond just nappy rash.

Although still under wraps, Sudocrem shared a teaser to the campaign, which features three Tai Chi pandas in a soothing and tranquil Japanese landscaped garden, on its Twitter account.

The ads were created by McCann Health, London, and brought to life by award-winning director, Tim James Brown.

The Tai Chi Pandas were created by Fable Fx, Stockholm.

Brand positioning

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With an aim to reinforce and re-establish Sudocrem’s position as Britain’s favourite nappy cream, the campaign will also drive awareness for Sudocrem’s other uses including cuts, scrapes & grazes.£3m investment

The brand is investing over £3m in marketing support which will include TV, digital placements, social media, PR and in-store support.

The campaign encompasses the full Sudocrem product range, including their latest edition, My Little Sudocrem.“Sudocrem is ultimately about soothing”, said Nick Lang, Sudocrem UK Head of Marketing. “It’s in the brand’s DNA and we’re confident it will resonate with consumers.“

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“We’re focusing on a simple brand truth and that’s possibly the most powerful strategy you can employ in advertising.”Adrian Parr, McCann Health’s European Creative Director, said: “TV and social media can be hectic places. Our campaign aims to create an oasis of calm and soothing to highlight the qualities of Sudocrem. After all, it wasn’t originally called ‘Soothing Cream’ for nothing.”

Soothing origins

Founded in Dublin, in 1931, by pharmacist Professor Thomas Smith, Sudocrem was originally named ‘soothing cream’; Sudocrem is the evolution of this name.

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Since then, Sudocrem said its unique ability to soothe has made it a staple in British households.

Whether it’s nappy rash, a grazed knee or teenage acne, for generations parents have been safe in the knowledge that whatever the problem, Sudocrem has the answer for their family’s skincare needs, the company said.

That’s why Sudocrem has created a campaign around the concept of ‘Soothing families’ to remind audiences of the product’s soothing properties, beginning with an ad set in a tranquil Japanese garden, featuring three Pandas gracefully practicing Tai Chi.

The new “Soothing Families” campaign goes live 11 May 2019.