York-based global connectivity provider and MVNO Cellhire is utilising its eSIM based mobile network, “eSIMsmart”, to provide mobile connectivity over-the-air to its news media customers – print/online, TV, radio and news agencies – in Ukraine.

“The eSIM based mobile connectivity is essential to ensuring individuals are contactable and have a communications lifeline,” says Martyn Stevens, Cellhire Group CEO:

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“Cellhire is supporting many companies, broadcasters and media journalists that are already on the ground or heading to Ukraine to report and broadcast on the situation.

“The invasion of Ukraine has created a crisis for companies with employees located there. Our eSIM solution is an essential lifeline in these crucial times, keeping users on the ground connected.

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“Utilising our MVNO eSIMsmart, we are providing eSIM profiles instead of physical SIM cards meaning mobile connectivity is provisioned instantaneously over-the-air in Ukraine, avoiding the logistical distribution challenges faced delivering physical SIMs in-country.”

In addition to eSIM mobile connectivity, Cellhire is providing satellite phones to many customers travelling to Ukraine as an essential emergency backup. “Satellite phones are particularly beneficial in case of local mobile network outages, blackouts or potential cyber-security related incidents in Ukraine,” says Stevens.

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Stevens adds, “Like many European mobile network operators, Cellhire has delivered several support packages across its partner networks to help customers in and outside of Ukraine.”