UK IT outsourcing firm Capita said it has formed a strategic ‘Scaling Partner’ relationship with London-based startup, Dragonfly Technology Solutions.

Dragonfly is an early stage business disrupting the way companies create and optimise content. Capita said it will provide business development services to Dragonfly and becomes a significant shareholder in the business.

Dragonfly AI gives marketers the power to predict, analyse and influence human attention in a world where people are constantly overloaded with information.

This predictive visual analytics platform instantly shows what the human brain sees first, enabling organisations and brands to optimise the performance of their content whether moving or static, digital or physical.

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Originally developed by the Cognitive Sciences Research Group at Queen Mary University of London for over a decade and independently verified by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), this is market-defining technology used by household names like GSK, Hachette, McDonalds and NBC Universal.

Dragonfly AI builds on Capita’s position as a leader in customer experience and will help Capita and its clients win the attention of audiences, maximise the value of customer interactions and enable data-driven design decisions that improve customer satisfaction.

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“Our partnership with Dragonfly AI demonstrates Capita’s dedication to being at the cutting edge of technology and will create UK-based digital jobs while delivering strategic value for Capita, our clients and Dragonfly AI”, Jon Lewis, Capita chief executive said.

David Mitchell, Co-Founder, Dragonfly AI said: “Working with Capita Scaling Partner is a significant milestone for us and opens the door to a raft of opportunities.

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Resources and expertise

“The deal gives us a huge amount of access to professional expertise and resources, that will help us drive the adoption of Dragonfly AI across multiple sectors and help us expand rapidly.”

Capita’s scaling partnership with Dragonfly AI brings highly experienced professionals with skills across sales, marketing, strategy, commercial negotiations, investment, business architecture, IT and project management to the table.

This will enable Dragonfly AI to think and act like a big company at an early stage in its development and ensure that it continues delivery excellence as it scales up.