Birds Eye is bolstering the recent launch of its meat-free Green Cuisine range with a media campaign called ‘Whoops, I’m a Bit Veggie!’.

Produced by Grey London, the heavyweight investment – initially worth £2m – will be airing on national TV from this week and will run through the summer.

“Our Green Cuisine range has performed really well in the short period since its launch and has taken Birds Eye into a new product category”, said Steve Challouma, Marketing Director at Birds Eye.

“We wanted to embrace that change with a different creative approach to how we communicate the range.

Tongue-in-cheek campaign

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“The tongue-in-cheek tagline perfectly encapsulates the overall consumer trend towards meat-free eating, while poking a little fun at some established stereotypes around ‘typical’ meat eaters.

Green Cuisine: Whoops! I’m a bit veggie.

Veggie vampires

“With many people increasingly happy to alternative between meat products and vegetarian alternatives, we’re confident the campaign will appeal to our core audience and help raise awareness of the Green Cuisine range.”

With a number of creative assets that tie in with the ‘Whoops, I’m a Bit Veggie!’ tagline to develop the campaign as it progresses, the Vampire creative kicks things off this week.

Depicting a gothic scene that plays host to a Vampire convention, the guests find themselves accidentally eating meat-free burgers from the Green Cuisine range, much to their shock.

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Upon making this realisation, they each declare that they are each in fact a ‘little bit veggie’, having enjoyed the burgers so much.

Geared towards flexitarians

The campaign plays off the fact that, despite the exceptional growth of people opting for vegan diets, 92% of plant-based meals are eaten by non-vegans.

Today over 4.83 billion evening meals are consumed with no meat, representing almost 30% of all evening meals.

Birds Eye’s Green Cuisine range capitalises on the popularity of flexitarian diets and people’s desire to eat more meat-free products by offering a tasty, healthy alternative from a brand they know and trust.

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The ‘Whoops, I’m a Bit Veggie!’ campaign underpins this exactly.

Dan Cole and Andy Garnett, Creative Directors Grey London, commented, “Introducing a meat-free range into a very crowded market was always going to be a challenge.

“So we needed something that would stand out a mile and have some real bite – and didn’t take itself too seriously.

“Fooling the most die-hard meat-eaters in the universe with the great taste of these veggie burgers was a fun and memorable way to do this – and will hopefully soon have thousands of meat lovers saying ‘Whoops I’m a bit veggie’ too.”