When the name “Boris Johnson” escapes someone’s lips, it usually induces mixed feelings in people. Some cheer with approval; others shake their heads in amusement, unable to take him seriously; some scowl and grumble; others, oblivious to the goings-on in the country, vaguely remember him headbutting someone during a charity football match ten years ago; others scream blue murder and threaten to leave the country if there is even the slightest suggestion he may ascend to Downing Street.

However, this is exactly what many believe will happen. Mutterings among the proletariat in the local pubs and taverns are along the lines of, “Who do you think will be next once May’s out? Boris? Yeah, it’s got to be Boris.”

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And yet, when questioned why it has to be Boris, no one really knows. It’s almost as if they just know, odd as it sounds. To them, it is simply the natural order of things. Even President Trump, whose comments on Brexit have been relatively distant as of late, said several months ago that “Boris would make a great prime minister.”

He has been a thorn in the Prime Minister’s backside ever since he resigned as Foreign Secretary, consistently criticising the government on Brexit proceedings. Though now a mere MP, one gets the impression that Boris is busy biding his time, waiting for his moment to strike; and considering that the PM’s deal appears to be going down the plughole, it would not be foolish to suggest that Johnson is busy planning his strategy.

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And it’s not just the average joe who’s been having sneaky suspicions about Boris. The entire paranormal community is raving about it. Tarot readers, astrologers, clairvoyants – every single one of them is convinced Boris will be the next Prime Minister post-Brexit.

“Boris and David Davies will battle it out,” said one Tarot reader. “But Boris will win. He’ll be the one to lead Britain to superpower status and unite the Anglosphere; CANZUK will gravitate together, along with the United States, and we will see Tarshish and her young lions once again facing a great darkness, the same darkness that President Trump is facing right now or, as he says, draining the swamp.”

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These extraordinary claims relate to Biblical prophecy, written thousands of years ago, where Tarshish (Great Britain) and her young lions (respectively Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the United States) will unite to face a mighty foe in the coming future, which interpreters and prophets believe will come from Russia, China and several countries in Europe.

Whether it is futuristic hype or whether there is truth in it remains to be seen; what appears more conclusive at this moment in time is that Bojo will play a vital role in Britain’s destiny in the coming years.

As they say, cometh the hour, cometh the man!