The global leader in video advertising, Tremor International Ltd., has agreed to partner with Comscore for better targeting and maximizing of digital media inventory.

This is done through their end-to-end technology platform that enables advertisers to reach relevant audiences as well publishers who can maximize yield on all types CTV platforms.

Under the agreement, Comscore’s next generation cookie-free Predictive Audiences are now available for activation across Tremor International’s end-to-end platform, which encompasses the Tremor Video DSP and the Unruly SSP.

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The partnership enables Tremor Video and Unruly’s advertising clients to leverage cookie-free pre-bid audience targeting across desktop, mobile and CTV. Advertisers within the platform will be able to reach granular behavioral audiences based on video-level contextual signals, particularly within CTV environments.

As the leading solution in-market for creating a crosswalk between deterministic audience behaviors and privacy-forward contextual signals, Comscore’s Predictive Audiences drive next-level campaign performance for advertisers on Tremor International’s platform.

Other key benefits for Tremor Video and Unruly advertising clients:

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Lee Blickstein, Vice President, Activation Solutions, Comscore, shared:  “We are excited to partner with Tremor International to advance the CTV industry with more effective programmatic advertising. Traditionally, advertisers had to choose between high performing audience targeting tactics and future-proof solutions. Now with Tremor International, we are breaking down this barrier and taking a big step forward in what advertisers can expect from their CTV campaign performance.”

Jessica La Rosa, VP of Partnerships & Data Operations, Tremor International:

“As marketers introduce CTV into their mix, Tremor International is thinking about how we can introduce strong solutions at the outset, so our buyers can build and learn from compelling, relevant ad campaigns for the long-term.

We are excited to partner with Comscore on this offering, as it provides a contextual-based solution to the standard third-party audience targeting, which is today powered by cookie IDs and MAIDs. Advertisers get the advantages of the same type of precise and granular audience reach, in a solution that works globally, and in a privacy-compliant manner, across all platforms, especially CTV.”