As Brexit descends into further confusion, the team at JOE has today, yet again, managed to cut through the chaos orchestrated by the likes of May and Mogg with a brilliant remix of hip-hop classic “Still D.R.E” entitled “Still M.A.Y, featuring Snoop Mogg”.

In it Prime Minister Theresa May raps about her Brexit woes with the occassional pithy interjection from Jacob Rees-Mogg/ Snoop Mogg.In just two hours the clip, edited by Swedemason, has amassed over 8K likes and 4.3K retweets and is gaining more and more attention.

With lyrics including: “They say my deal is shot/ and that I’ve lost the plot/ when I frequent the spots im known to rock/ I hear boos from the benches when I’m on the block”‘ it is no surprise that the video has struck a chord with fed up Britons and is doing particularly well on social media platforms like Twitter.

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One avid fan said: “What the internet was invented for. #SnoopMog.”

Another said: “JOE put more effort into this, than TDog put into Brexit.”

And another added: “Honestly best thing I’ve ever seen… ridiculous editing #howling.”J

OE made headlines last month for another parody featuring Rees-Mogg – set to Pulp’s Common People

Speaking to Prolific London’s Charlie Spargo at the time, Joe Gilmore, Multimedia Producer, said: “You have to keep the audience interested.If it’s essentially a one-note joke, you have to keep it short and sweet.“

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With long-form videos like [the Rees-Mogg one], you’ve got to justify the duration with continual gags and points you’re making – whether in terms of the script or the visuals.

For example, my head-swap elements were added to the instrumental breaks in the song, which is important because you’ve got to keep the viewer engaged and entertained throughout.”

Nooruddean Choudry, Editorial Creative Director, said: “We try to do now what the likes of Spitting Image did so well in their heyday – holding politicians and public figures to account with a sort of angry satire.

It’s not just about being funny, it’s about getting serious points across in the most effective – and entertaining – way possible.”

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Choudry spoke about the conception of the Rees-Mogg video, for which he wrote the lyrics. “We’ll look at news cycle and upcoming events and identify individuals and situations that are ripe for commentary or parody.

Then it’s a case of combining these with elements of pop culture in most effective and entertaining way.”

In the case of the Rees-Mogg video, I wanted to get across some very serious points and criticisms about his politics, and felt we could subvert the message behind Pulp’s Common People to satirise [his] frankly ludicrous Eton-educated man-of-the-people act.“

There’s also the added bonus of the fact he looks a bit like Jarvis Cocker, except without an actual soul.”