(Last Updated On: 25th September 2023)

Retail innovation agency Outform has launched its iDISPLAY Thermometer, a digital solution designed to help retailers provide safer spaces for customers once lockdown is over.

With people set to be understandably concerned about continued transmission once shops, bars and restaurants reopen following lockdown, the iDISPLAY device can scan for fevers wherever people enter or exit.

The FCC-certified device uses infrared thermopile and facial recognition technology to detect fever levels through body temperature readings, and anyone found to have a heightened temperature can be subtly alerted on-screen.

It works with the wearing of face masks, and includes optional add-ons like hand sanitiser dispensers and ticketing options to help aid customer flow.

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It’s hoped the iDISPLAY Thermometer will provide a safer space in which to return to shops and instil a sense of trust, safety and reassurance on the post-pandemic high street.

Ariel Haroush, CEO at Outform, said:

“Hygiene and social distancing is going to be crucial in the coming months and is likely to be an ingrained behaviour for years to come.

We will need to give shoppers peace-of-mind in retail environments, if we want them to return to stores – our next step is to combat pandemic anxiety once lockdown is lifted.

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“The device is designed to be flexible to work across various parts of the economy, including gyms, bars, offices and municipal spaces; the iDISPLAY Thermometer is a tool to help companies get back to business safely at a time of heightened global anxiety.”