The research conducted by immigration experts at Reiss Edwards analysed Google Keyword Planner data to establish the countries that residents of each city in the UK, want to move to based on search volume for visas.   

The analysis revealed that the United States of America had the highest number of cities searching for visas for the country, with a total of eighteen UK cities, including York, Bath, Liverpool, and Manchester.

There are approximately 20,000 Britons that make the move across the Atlantic to America each year.   

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Canada was the second most popular country to move to with fifteen cities searching for visas to Canada more than any other country, including Birmingham, Newcastle upon Tyne, Portsmouth, and Norwich.  

A total of twelve UK cities searched for visas for Australia the most, the third highest number in the research. Cities with residents seeking to move to Australia the most include London, Belfast, Salford, and Leeds.   

New Zealand was the fourth most searched for country to move to based on searches for visas with nine cities including Leicester, Stirling, Aberdeen and Exeter wishing to emigrate there. 

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Spain is the fifth most searched for country for Brits to move to with six cities searching to emigrate there the most including Bristol, Coventry, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Nottingham and Ripon. 

Four UK cities searches for visas for France the most, making France the fifth most popular country for Brits to emigrate to. Cities with residents seeking to move to France include Southampton, Oxford, Durham and Cardiff.   

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Commenting on the study, Amar Ali Managing Director from Reiss Edwards said: “There are numerous reasons that Brits want to move abroad, whether it’s for a hotter climate, a cheaper economy or to be nearer loved ones.With an average of 400,000 Brits emigrating each year, this data offers a fascinating insight into where UK residents wish to relocate.”  

The study was carried out by Reiss Edwards who have over 80 years of specialist experience in UK immigration, nationality and human rights.  

Most Popular Countries to Emigrate to   

Country  How many UK cities Google it the most  
United States of America  18  
Canada  15  
Australia  12  
New Zealand  9  
Spain  6  
France  4  
Cities where Brits want to emigrate to the most