According to research from games retailer Liberty Games UK, most creative sector workers in the UK earn less than the national average.

From video games designers to drama teachers, there are a variety of jobs within the creative sector that require a range of different skills and talents and many are underpaid, says Liberty games UK.

Fashion designers are the lowest paid, earning almost £15,000 (£14,466) less than the average salary.
The research revealed that 58% of creative jobs are paid under the UK average jobs salary of £35,058.

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They include journalists, writers, event planners, copywriters, video game designers and PR executives.

Video editors, illustrators, photographers and audio engineers also fall into the lower range.

Lowest earners: Creatives roles attracting below average salaries
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Whether you’re already working in the creative industry or are figuring out which career to choose, it’s important to know what your earning potential might be, the company said.

At the top end, paying the highest salaries are film and TV directors with an average salary of £57,859 per annum.

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High rollers: Film directors top the Liberty Games list

This is almost £23,000 (£22,677) more a year than the UK average salary and proves you don’t always have to sacrifice a high salary for a job that you’re passionate about.

Other well-paid creative jobs include, Brand Manager (£49,429), Architect (£46,896) and Model (£44,229).

The company has created a Creative Chart so creatives can see how they stack up against other professions.