The French firm, which has its UK headquarters in London’s King’s Cross area, said it has launched a new methodology called MX to help deliver more meaningful engagement to customers.

A desire to respond to complexity and a need to rise above the “how” of data and look at the “why” of human insight lie at the heart of Mx, which stands for Media Experience, a new global operating system from the company.

Built on a thorough understanding of the consumer and combining a new process with advanced tools, Mx capitalises upon the most meaningful media to build more meaningful brands.

“The recent past shows media planning and buying as overly fixated on ‘platforms,’ ‘data,’ and ‘ad tech’”, said Greg James, Global Chief Strategy Officer at Havas Media Group.

“These elements, while vital to success, must remain anchored in those truths that lie deep in the human language of consumers.”

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The media firm said that, thanks to a decade exploring meaningful brands, it knows that consumers grant brand loyalty only to those companies that relate to their motivations, behaviors, activities, and intent.

Mx forges that connection because it focuses on media that matters most to consumers and lives at the crossroads of connection, context, and content.

“Brands today face enormous pressure to deliver growth. Mx allows us to drive effectiveness for our clients around the world by building meaningful connections creatively – and at scale,” said Peter Mears, Global CEO of Havas Media Group.

In practice, the Mx system aims to create great media experiences through a four-tiered approach with a series of phases that carry through from client brief to business impact:

Throughout the world, Havas Media deep dives into the cultural context, broad competitive set, a robust understanding of the right consumer, and each brand’s greatest assets to find the right consumer for growth. CONVERGED, Havas Media’s proprietary global identity–based audience planning platform, powers this effort.

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Havas Media employs this critical new tool, the cornerstone of the Mx process, to improve the clarity, consistency, and creativity of its output, working with brands to build a systematized brief, consistent across its global network.

Havas Media then employs a new set of tools to make better-informed investment decisions by helping identify the right Meaningful Media partners. This new toolkit covers all major touchpoints and includes:

  • The Meaningful Digital Matrix, which uses 20 data points across connection, context, and content to make our digital choices more meaningful and impactful.
  • The Meaningful Rating Point, which factors in attention and loyalty, as well as audience size, to determine optimal television buys.
  • Using CONVERGED, Havas Media generates best-in-class modeling and optimization, with an eye toward innovation to help clients meet their growth targets, as well as greater accuracy in establishing and measuring KPIs.
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These four phases work across a single Mx system interface to ensure a seamless workflow, the company said.

A final unique element of Mx that Havas highlighted is the unity between Havas Media Group and Havas Creative Group: the INTELLIGENCE phase is powered by the ‘Meaningful Brand’ Idea, a shared methodology across creative and media campaigns that aligns within Havas Villages.

“We have had six years of practice in building successful Villages for integrated approaches to drive meaningful business change for our clients”, said Yannick Bolloré, Chairman & CEO of Havas Group and Chairman of Vivendi.

“Mx shines a light on the positive impact that human insights, paired with the appropriate tools, can have on brands.”