Earlier in the year, Gillette challenged the status quo and took a principled stand on the topic of toxic masculinity, releasing their widely-discussed advert, ‘We believe: The best men can be’.

However, it left sales of their razors and other grooming products largely unchanged.

Now, male razor brand Harry’s, which was founded in 2013 to take on the big players in the grooming market, has created its own take on the masculinity conversation, with an advert featuring England and Tottenham Hotspur striker Harry Kane.

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Where Gillette’s advert was billed as a “short film” and filled with a wide range of people, situations and messages, the Kane advert – created by Brothers & Sisters and directed by Caviar’s Thomas Ralph – is short and to the point at 30 seconds.

Set in black and white, it sees the England captain standing atop the crossbar of a Chingford pitch where he played as a child.

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You also hear the footballer evoking strong emotions about being a man and championing independence, reflected in the ad’s title, ‘I Am Not Afraid’.

He says, “I am not afraid to lead, I am not afraid to be criticised, to ask for help, to tell my daughters I love them. I am not afraid to be myself and if that makes me different, I’ll choose different every time.”

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