The Enderby Logistics Hub proposal to build four large warehouses on 80 acres of fields near a Leicestershire village has been under consideration by the Blaby District Council for four years now. The initial application was submitted in February 2019 and despite the delay, the council says it is still live and under consideration. This is a normal occurrence for large-scale development projects like this.


The project, which is located next to the Enderby Park and Ride off St Johns, could bring significant economic benefits to the local community. According to the applicants, Drummond Estate and The Inverock Trust, the development could create 1,500 jobs on site and support hundreds more in the surrounding area.

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Proposed Enderby Logistics warehouse
Prospect of proposed Enderby Logistics warehouse


The delay was a result of the need for additional traffic modelling, which tests the potential impact on the surrounding roads. The applicants have taken time to discuss their proposal in detail with the planning department and other key parties, such as National Highways and the Leicestershire County Council highways department. This resulted in a substantial amount of additional traffic modelling work that has taken considerable time to prepare. The applicants are currently preparing additional information for formal submission to the council.

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Community response

Despite the potential economic benefits, the local community has expressed opposition to the plan. When the application was first submitted in 2019, all comments received from would-be neighbours were objections to the proposal. The opposition still appears to be strong, with residents recently discussing their concerns on the Spotted Enderby Facebook page. Some are worried about the impact on traffic and the loss of green space, while others see the potential for more local jobs.

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The Enderby Logistics Hub proposal is still under consideration by the Blaby District Council, despite the delay. The applicants are preparing additional information for formal submission, and the public will have a chance to comment on the application when it is submitted. The local community remains divided on the proposal, with some expressing concerns about traffic and loss of green space, while others see it as an opportunity for more local jobs.