Food delivery firm Deliveroo, which brings restaurant food to users’ doors, has lost its chief executive officer, Roy Blanga. 

Blanga apparently stepped down in December and was replaced by Rohan Pradhan, former VP and head of Deliveroo Editions.

Deliveroo valuation

Deliveroo has a value of around $2 billion, and is the leading food service across 12 countries including Australia, Spain, Hong Kong and the UAE.

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Blanga, who is thought to still be considering his options, spearheaded Deliveroo’s global expansion project.

With plans to expand outside Europe, he helped the start-up raise $100 million (£66 million).

His successor, Pradhan, helped launch Amazon Prime’s one-hour delivery service. Upon moving to Deliveroo he led on Editions, which supplied pop-up kitchens operating as hubs to help new chefs make an impact, or long-time favourites reach new areas.

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Deliveroo was founded in 2013 by Will Shu, a banker in the City of London who was dissatisfied by the range of food he could get delivered.

He created the app, which connects restaurants with riders working ad-hoc, and then with customers, creating a rapidly-growing and highly popular service.

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Shu remains CEO, and has expressed no desire to sell it on. Rumours circulate about ride-hailing giant Uber making moves for Deliveroo’s acquisition, but sources have told Business Insider that it would take an offer of at least $4 billion.