Waze is the world’s most popular GPS application, available in 40 languages. Meanwhile, controversial beer brand BrewDog has unveiled how it tackled the problem of drink-driving in Brazil by piggybacking on the widespread use of the guidance app.

“There’s no point making beer if you won’t be here to drink it with us” goes the tagline in the video released by the brewers.

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They took their campaign to Brazil, where drinking and driving is a significant issue, worsened during the Carnaval celebrations that take place in early spring each year.

This Carnaval, the ‘Throw Back Crash’ campaign was launched – targeting the Waze apps of drivers in Brazil.

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As they drove, the app showed present upcoming collisions – which were in fact the sites of historic crashes caused by drunk driving.

There were 50 separate locations, made visible to Brazilian drivers in the hope they might think twice before driving while intoxicated.

Érica Rocha, Marketing Manager at BrewDog São Paulo, said: “We hold socio-environmental responsibility as a pillar and we are aware of our responsibility in creating new societal practices. And drinking and driving is undoubtedly one of them.

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“By using an app that people commonly use to avoid police roadblocks to send such an impacting message of social responsibility is a very innovative way to call the public’s attention.”