An open-topped, double-decker, bus, festooned in bright yellow colours, is being driven all around London today handing out refreshments to the capital’s hard working emergency services professionals.

The bus will be stopping at ambulance stations, fire stations, police stations and hospitals giving out free coffee, donuts and gifts to say thank you to the awesome men and women of the UK’s emergency services.

It is all part of a campaign by the Awesome Movement to make 20 September a day to remember for the people who make up our emergency services.

Worthy cause from shocking behaviour

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The Awesome Movement was founded in 2018 in London, UK by Michael Howard as a response to the horrific statistics relating to how emergency services staff are treated.

Kind gestures: The Awesome Movement hands out refreshments to emergency services workers

The mission of the day is to permanently cement respect and gratitude from the public in the form of continuous kind gestures to the emergency services; like buying someone a coffee, a donut, or some other way of saying thank you.

The more sporadic and unexpected the gestures are, the more special they will feel.

“Following a BBC News article in September 2018 of notes being left on an ambulance berating paramedics for parking over a drive whilst on an emergency call, I was shocked, but also made a realisation, we don’t show our appreciation enough”, said Michael Howard, Founder of The Awesome Movement.

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“Almost immediately I created a group of like-minded individuals to help change the way that we as a country think about our awesome emergency services teams throughout the country going out and risking their lives to protect and save ours.”

Awesome people: Emergency services professionals thanked for doing tough work

Michael and his team of Awesome Appreciators will be driving an open-topped bright yellow bus all around London to shout about the amazing work that these brave men and women do every single day.

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London Ambulance HQ

Starting at London Ambulance HQ, they will be visiting ambulance stations, fire stations, police stations and hospitals giving out coffee, donuts and gifts.

“Putting yourself in danger, saving someone’s life and dealing with harrowing events every day is unbelievable and worthy of our huge appreciation and gratitude”, Howard added.

“Our goal is to have a National Awesome Day every year, but more importantly we want the public to show their appreciation continually.

“For example; when you see someone from the emergency services, say thank you, buy them a coffee, make them feel appreciated.”