Dr. Antonio Metastasio, a psychiatrist who holds senior positions in the National Health Service and on Harley Street, has been accused of paying a former patient, who is a porn star, for sexual services.

A well-known psychiatrist at the University of Cambridge, who also holds high-level positions at private practice on Harley Street, is facing allegations of paying a former vulnerable patient for sexual services.

Harley Street doctor Antonio Metastasio
Dr Antonio Metastasio who is a psychiatrist on Harley Street is being accused of misconduct

The incident occurred after Dr. Antonio Metastasio ended his treatment of the woman, who has not been named in reports. He is alleged to have met her at a hotel, paid her £200 ($275) for sex, and then asked her to keep the encounter a secret, fearing that he would be accused of sexual misconduct as part of the “#MeToo” movement.

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Misconduct allegations

The woman later reported the incident and a tribunal found Dr. Metastasio guilty of “reprehensible” behavior for “targeting” a vulnerable woman and prioritizing his own sexual desires over her needs.

He is alleged to have asked her to keep the encounter secret, fearing that he would be accused of sexual misconduct as part of the “#MeToo” movement. The incident has sparked outrage and calls for an investigation into the psychiatrist’s conduct.

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“The fact that she was a sex worker was a significant part of her history, and a very relevant factor that had to be considered by those treating her both in respect of her suicide risk and her alcoholism”, tribunal report reveals.

Charles Thomas, chairman of the MPTS tribunal, said: “Dr Metastasio put his pursuit of sexually motivated behaviour before the needs of someone whom he knew to be vulnerable, had been his patient and could potentially be a service user again in the future.”

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Medical training

Dr. Antonio Metastasio received his medical training at the University of Perugia in Italy before moving to the UK to complete postgraduate studies at King’s College and Cambridge.

The tribunal has ruled that Dr. Metastasio will be struck off the UK medical register unless he appeals the decision. The Harley Street has 28 days to appeal the decision by a Medical Practitioners’ Tribunal and it’s set by January 13, 2023.