Worldcast CONNECT, a software technology company that develops and commercializes Kybio, a Network Management System for media and broadcast, has announced software release 4.6.

Users will uncover new benefits around powerful drivers and new remote-control features, user experience, visualising insights, and finer analytics.

New driver capabilities and remote control for better management

This new version of Kybio offers multiple enhancements around the driver engine. An additional driver capability is now available to aggregate data received from remote units. This data can be visualized with a timestamp via a new tab in the Kybio interface called “Logs”. For example, Kybio can now ingest all logs coming from a SYSLOG client, display them, and trigger alarms on specific events in the log stream. 

Users can also send commands with any procotol, such as HTTP, Telnet, SSH and many others, making the software more integrated with the user’s existing infrastructure, with control available from Kybio. 

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New monitoring modes are available to power the entire library of drivers in Kybio. These modes are: 

  • Default: Instantly triggers the alarm if the value meets the alarm condition 
  • Continuous: Triggers the alarm if the value meets the alarm condition for a certain amount of time  
  • Average: Triggers the alarm if the average of values meets the alarm condition for a certain amount of time  

Within the drivers’ library, a new product page is available where users can access detailed information on each driver. With all indicators, measurements, and scan parameters displayed in a single area, using Kybio software or adding new devices is made easier. Users can also download monitoring agents directly from the product page for specific products. 

Finally, for users in search of driver creation, CONNECT provides a new external driver creator tool, available on-demand. This driver creator facilitates product integration and provides more control over monitored networks. User friendly and easy to use, this driver creator will connect to Kybio to modify the driver library in seamless operations.  

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New significant drivers

As with all new Kybio versions, v4.6 comes with new drivers – in this case, 36 new drivers are ready to be integrated into the user’s infrastructure.

Two new drivers that follow the previously created Windows driver over WMI include Linux and MacOS implementations. These new desktop and server generic drivers aim to facilitate media workflow creation by allowing the monitoring of all crucial indicators and measurements during operation. By going down to the service level users are also able to monitor all processes that make their business work.  

Features to further enhance user experience 

  • Analytics: The analytics module now offers a new maintenance mode so users can customize and remove unwanted alarms in their analytics views and reports. This is very useful in case of maintenance operations by technicians or for better analysis of SLA reports. 
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  • Decentralized monitoring: Kybio comes with software agents called EdgeBots for decentralized and cloud architectures. With v4.6, the installation of EdgeBots has been simplified and users can now download them directly into their Kybio instance, already configured and ready to use.  

“A key differentiation in Kybio is the great user experience it brings, in particular by simplifying the monitoring of even the most complex media networks. Each module is engineered to cater to the needs of our customers who seek efficiency in their daily operations as well as powerful insights to maximize the performance of their media equipment, services, and infrastructures,” said Julien Libeau, Product Manager at WorldCast CONNECT.  

Kybio is available as an On-Premise or SaaS license solution and thanks to a straightforward pricing policy for licenses, drivers, and associated services, Kybio users are in full control of their Total Cost of Ownership throughout the product’s lifetime.