Wilshire has chosen to use the Premialab platform and multi-asset analytics solution for risk management in quantitative investment strategies on their institutional managed account.

Premialab announced today that Wilshire will use Premialab’s platform and multi-asset analytics solution to support risk management for quantitative investment strategies on the Wilshire institutional managed account platform.

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Premialab will provide Wilshire with state-of-the-art performance and risk analytics across asset classes and investment styles. This information will help Wilshire provide an information-rich profile on portfolios that include complex non-linear investment strategies.

Jason Schwarz, President of Wilshire, said:

“Wilshire is now able to provide additional transparency and risk management to our institutional clients with Premialab’s platform and multi-asset analytics solution. As a global leader in innovative investment solutions and advanced analytics, we strive to combine novel technologies, like Premialab, with our own time-tested quantitative and qualitative insights. This helps ensure our clients have transparent access to protect their portfolios in a volatile market.”

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Adrien Geliot, CEO of Premialab, shared: “We are seeing a clear trend among institutions looking at quantitative strategies to protect their portfolios in current market environment. This comes with increasing needs for transparency and risk management processes. We are delighted to work with Wilshire supporting their extensive expertise with our unique data and risk analytics.”