Darktrace’s AI technology has led the way in cybersecurity for years, and they’re now providing their services exclusively with one of America’s most innovative recruitment firms. Its Dark Traces’ technology helps organisations worldwide protect themselves from sophisticated cyber-attacks by automatically stopping them before being launched.

The company, which employs thousands of recruiters across its offices in the US and Canada and sources talent for organizations across all industries including defense, education and financial services, has deployed Darktrace’s Enterprise Immune System and Darktrace Antigena to protect its digital enterprise, including its Azure cloud deployment and extensive Microsoft suite.

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Its partnership with Microsoft means that its Self-Learning technology is amplified in Microsoft environments such as Microsoft 365 and cloud applications as organizations increasingly rely on cloud infrastructure and virtual collaboration tools.

The staffing industry is often targeted by attackers seeking access to sensitive personal data such as passport information and social security numbers, and the reliance of recruitment professionals on links and documents sent by clients makes them a prime target for phishing emails.

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Amidst an unprecedented rise in the number of workers resigning from their jobs, the recruitment industry now holds more personally identifiable information, which can be more easily monetized than ever before.

Self-Learning AI can not only spot any kind of threat but can also take autonomous action to prevent it from escalating into a crisis, all while business operations continue as normal.

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Poppy Gustafsson OBE, CEO of Darktrace, shared:

“Darktrace is delighted to be protecting this award-winning recruitment firm. Data breaches have long-lasting reputational impact, particularly within industries that are highly competitive and are trusted with personal information. It remains our mission to deliver technology that stops the negative consequences of in-progress attacks before data falls into the wrong hands.

By learning the business, rather than past threats, our artificial intelligence is spotting and stopping novel attacks day-in and day-out.”