If you are still looking for the perfect place to stay this summer and fancy to stay on an alpaca farm in the UK, look no further than The Little Shire in Somerset.

Nestled on Rookery Farm, near Binegar, this beautiful place has a lot to recommend. From spas to friendly alpacas, there’s something for the whole family just a stone’s throw from Bath and Wells.

Adelle Hobbs came up with the idea for the Hobbit Dens, or Teletubby houses, during lockdown and has seen a boom in bookings since first opening in May 2021. They’re even pet-friendly because, as Adelle says, “dogs are part of the family”.

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Ms. Hobbs shared:

“I have never done anything like this before, but after having my children I wanted to do something new that really challenged me. We bought Rookery Farm four-and-a-half years ago and we wanted something that supported the other businesses here, like the café.

“I wanted them to be quirky and unique, something to inspire people’s imaginations. I think they do that really well. Even the adults, when they first see the houses, their faces just light up.”

“I had one guest who had only been here for an hour before booking to come and stay again. Everyone has loved it. They love the finishes on things and touching the brickwork.

“Our first home, The Wabbit, opened last May and since then we have opened The Charm Inn and Quackers. They come pre-built and are a mixture of three-bed, two-bed and one-bed pods.”

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Guests can also bring their own furry friends to stay and make new ones on the farm, where they’ll come across sheep and alpacas grazing nearby.

Adelle added: “Dogs just love the houses, it’s like a playground for them. They are part of the family, so why shouldn’t they come on holiday too?”

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The mum-of-thee also shared that The Little Shire is a great place for families or couples, with an on-site barbecue hut, private gardens and hot tubs for each house, and a cafe nearby. It is also close to attractions such as Wookey Hole and Cheddar Gorge.

There are now three hobbit holes at Rookery Farm and a couple more set to open in March.