Dubai-based Evai known for its innovative technologies, has been highlighted as one of the top-performing blockchain projects globally.

The report was created by Crypto Valley Venture Capital (CVVC), which provides insights from experts on this booming sector that is happening right now all over Switzerland with their map pinpointing various activities within these more prolific areas. Evai’s achievements in the ‘Service Provider’ category for their creation and deployment of a rating mechanism that is free from human intervention as well as enabling vibrant growth across the global ecosystem are recognised by CV VC.

Evai has developed the world’s first unbiased crypto ratings platform, which evaluates assets through AI and machine learning before awarding each crypto an unbiased rating.

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The Evai ratings platform, which can be viewed here, launched in April 2021 and lists over 1,000 of the most prominent crypto project assets along with useful information such as their market cap, 24-hour trading volume, current asset prices and their current rating.

CEO Matthew Dixon said of the inclusion in the report:

“The CV VC Global Report is well-renowned the world over for recognising projects in the blockchain field that are really striving to push the industry forward. It is a huge honour be the only crypto company in the GCC that has been included in this prestigious annual report”.

Initially conceived by Matthew Dixon and Professor Andros Gregoriou, a UK finance academic and advisor to the Bank of England, the Evai ratings platform was developed in response to the events leading up to the 2008 financial crash.

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“The crisis at its core, was caused by the greed of ratings agencies that marked multiple unstable mortgage CDOs (Collateralized Debt Obligations) as triple A grade. Our goal was to create a ratings system for this new asset class, crypto, that is completely free from human bias,” explains Professor Gregoriou.

Tracy Traschler, MD of CV Labs which is CV VC’s ecosystem manager, said: “The CV VC Global Report lists the world’s foremost blockchain companies from twelve sectors. A very important driving sector is that of Service Providers, these companies enable vibrant growth in the ecosystem, and power many solutions.

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Evai’s unbiased ratings platform is an exemplary provider, it has harnessed the technological advancements in AI and machine learning therefore it constantly optimises the ratings system to provide investors with impartial data, to inform decisions. Such innovation and excellence in service provision make Evai a worthy highlight in our Global Report”.

Evai, based in the DMCC Crypto Centre, is due to launch its own token this month which rewards investors with profit shares in addition to organic price appreciation. 

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