Turkish Product & Software House Path has launched a UK operation, giving UK and international brands easier access to the agency’s award-winning and excellent value service.

Launched as an ambitious start-up, Path is a fully export-oriented offshore development centre serving a long list of prestigious clients across the globe, including UK brands such as Kiss the Hippo.

UK operations

UK operations are initially focused on designing and developing highly customised Shopify/Shopify Plus eCommerce stores for businesses of all sizes. With a dedicated team of highly skilled developers and proactive approach, Path follows the best coding practices to deliver efficient, reliable, responsive and mobile first designed eCommerce stores for Shopify/Shopify Plus. Path’s omnichannel retail experience and high expertise in digital transformation ensure higher conversion rates.

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Its offerings include implementing all IT department processes such as the administrative and technical design operations while developing software with the experience of 20+ years of running large and small organisations. The organisation offers services by adapting to different business models, functioning as the IT department.


Path’s experienced consultants consider vital issues such as sales-marketing and continuity of cash flow to ensure the best possible project delivery. It also provides IT consultancy and services for the management of the current technical teams in organisations.

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Murat Kader, co-founder, shared: 

“Here at Path, we design our clients’ web sites with all the necessary functionality based on their individual platforms, with the aim of providing users all the desired capabilities, without losing any stability. Whether you want to improve your existing website, re-platform, start or grow your eCommerce business; we have services for where you are in your Digital commerce journey. Our dedicated team of highly skilled developers always follow the best coding practices to deliver efficient, reliable, mobile centric e-commerce stores. We are delighted to bring out highly skilled, excellent value team of consultants and overall wonderful value proposition as a business to the UK market.”

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After a humble start with open source technologies, Path grew its offering and talent tool to become an authority on a number of key fields, including the development of large enterprise applications, mobile applications and applications that facilitate hardware-software interaction.

The Product & Software House incorporated in 2015, initially providing SAP integration and software development informed by over 10 years of industry experience.

In 2019, Path established their startup incubator programme and first startup partnership. The company reached over 1 million in revenue in 2020, before reaching over 70 team members and being named a Great Place to Work in 2021. 

Path is currently seeking both UK and international customers and UK agencies for collaborations and partnerships.