Almost a third (32%) of homeowners in the North West have never heard of the consumer protection law, Section 75.

Meanwhile, almost half (49%) of those who have are unsure what it is, according to new research from RISA.

Section 75, which is part of the Consumer Credit Act, enables UK consumers to make a claim against their credit card provider to get a refund for a purchase, either a product or service, which didn’t meet requirements.

With so many people in the region being uneducated on the consumer protection law, it’s no surprise that four fifths (82%) have never made a claim against Section 75.

The new research out today from RISA, the independent inspection body, reveals that UK homeowners lost out on over £2.4 billion in 2021, after two fifths (45%) said if they had known what Section 75 was, they could have reclaimed against it last year.

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More locally, 40% of homeowners in the North West believe they could have reclaimed against Section 75 in 2021 if they had known what it was.

“It’s concerning to see that so many homeowners in the region are unaware of this law and its benefits – especially given it can save people so much money! From being able to get a refund for a product that never arrives, to getting support with home improvement works that have gone wrong, Section 75 is a safety net for consumers that ensures they aren’t out of pocket for a business’s mistake,” comments Lee Galley, RISA Assessor Manager.

In a bid to support the nation with claiming against Section 75 RISA, which helps UK homeowners with their claims through inspecting window and door replacements, has created a template claim letter which UK consumers can populate and send to their credit providers to make a claim against Section 75.

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The nationwide survey reveals that homeowners who have made a Section 75 claim, just one in four (26%) have claimed to cover the cost of building works which didn’t meet requirements.

The new research from RISA found that, of those who have claimed because a home improvement didn’t go to plan, the average amount claimed was just over £2,600.

“As a nation, we’re set to spend over £40 billion on home improvements this year, whether that be upgrading kitchens and bathrooms or replacing windows and doors. With this in mind, it’s important that homeowners are in the know about Section 75 and how it can be used if a home improvement doesn’t go to plan. From having windows installed that don’t meet building regulations to a building firm going bust mid-project, the consumer protection law can really help to avoid homeowners having to face unnecessary financial strain.” concludes Lee.

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RISA’s top tips to anyone considering making a claim against Section 75

  • Make sure you’ve paid using a credit card (or certain credit schemes) as this is the only way you can make a claim against Section 75. Claims can be made for items or services purchased which cost between £100 and £30,000
  • If you’re looking to make a claim for a product, such as new windows, check the manufacturer’s warranty first. If the product is still in warranty, you won’t be able to make a claim
  • Only purchases made directly through a supplier are covered by Section 75