Softline, a global provider of information technology and digital transformation solutions and services, today announces it has successfully executed complex licensing contracts — spanning across more than 40 countries — for EPAM Systems, Inc., a leading digital transformation services and product engineering company.

As a global Microsoft LSP partner, Softline is authorized to prepare Enterprise Agreement (EA) and Server and Cloud Enrollment (SCE) level contracts.

As a result, it was able to provide EPAM with the best terms possible, including a customized licensing scheme for its specific needs, taking into account its global reach and talent footprint, and growth trajectory.

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“Softline’s relationship with both EPAM and Microsoft has a long history. As an LSP partner, we spare no effort to live up to such high trust in each agreement and offer the best solutions to the client’s problems,” said Roy Harding, CEO,  Softline. “This deal took several months of hard work. Softline’s legal team combined numerous contracts into a minimal number of agreements to meet each country’s legislative and taxation requirements.”

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With more than 58,800+ employees globally, EPAM is one of the world’s largest software developers and utilizes Microsoft services as a core element of its infrastructure. With its geographical dispersion, it was critical to choose the most favorable licensing terms for each country in compliance with the nation-specific legislation.

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As a result of Softline’s wide geographical presence, it could respond promptly to the client’s needs across locations and provide consultations, support, and training in the appropriate language.

Yuriy Goliyad, SVP, Head of Global Operations at EPAM shared:

“We’re pleased to work with Softline as a trusted solutions provider. Softline’s expertise and dependability contribute to equipping our workforce with the tools needed to provide best-in-class digital transformation services and solutions for our clients worldwide.”