Britain’s 5.3 million sole proprietors and micro businesses are offered a new free course to help them cope with growing economic pressures.

The Small and Mighty Enterprise programme aims to support UK’s small businesses, which may not always be suitable or eligible for other programs such as government-backed growth aid schemes.

Helping the SMEs

Launched by Small Business Britain and distributed online, this new six-week course will help the UK’s smallest businesses bounce back and thrive with expert guidance, peer-to-peer support and mentoring.

It is designed to fit into existing work commitments and provide inclusive and flexible learning, opening up opportunities for business traders across the UK.

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“Small businesses continue to operate in very treacherous waters and need truly targeted support to address and overcome these challenges and continue to thrive in this environment,” said Michelle Ovens, founder of Small Business Britain.

“Sole traders and the tiniest businesses have specific needs and so need a programme designed just for them, not shoehorned into support that is really designed for much bigger businesses.

“We know that they are crying out for support that is flexible, free and focused on the real, everyday challenges they face – businesses that are sole traders often juggle a variety of roles, under financial and time pressure.

“These smaller businesses make up the bulk of the UK economy and have so much potential. Helping them to unlock this is not only amazing to behold, but is vital to powering the UK’s broader economic recovery and future growth.”

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Expert trainings and lessons

Entrepreneurs receive weekly expert lessons on topics ranging from business strategy and marketing to finance and resilience, plus two hours of mentorship.

Rachel Hayward, founder of copywriting and citation consultancy Ask the Chameleon, is a sole proprietor who sees a need to build support for businesses like hers.

According to Hayward, “Our economic landscape is changing, and to date, the business support available has meant I often find myself ineligible for assistance despite increasing my turnover by 158% in the last 2 years”.

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“As a micro-business of one, I need robust and consistent support programmes that understand and accommodate what it means to be a solo business owner, so that I can accelerate growth and employ people in the future.

“The Small and Mighty programme sounds fantastic as it offers flexibility to businesses – regardless of size or location – helping solo entrepreneurs to reach their potential more quickly with thorough support and guidance”, she added.

Each business in the programme will also have access to a small business support network to share questions, challenges and solutions, and receive guidance for creating an action plan to support their next year of opportunity.

To celebrate the companies’ completion of the program, a hybrid online and real-world event will be held in London in October 2022 to celebrate the companies’ achievements and program goals.