The Royal Navy is set to launch a new recruitment campaign for its world-renowned amphibious fighting force, the Royal Marines Commandos.

The campaign gives new meaning to the Royal Marines’ long running line ‘It’s a State of Mind’, showcasing the stealth with which a Royal Marine Commando must operate to overcome potentially deadly situations.

Created by ENGINE

‘Pirates’ was created by ENGINE and shot by multi award-winning director Nicolai Fuglsig, along with a team that included Oscar-winning Director of Photography, Matyas Erdly.

The 60-second spot shows how a unit of Royal Marines Commandos silently infiltrate a pirate camp, swiftly capturing several of the enemy before the remaining pirates know what has happened.

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A panoramic sweep shows how the Royal Marines stealthily complete their mission, totally undetected.

The film is accompanied by the line, “You won’t see us coming. You won’t see us leave.”

In keeping with previous campaigns – including award-winning “Spider” and “The Mist” that first aired last summer – the film is as authentic to Royal Marines Commandos operations as possible; shot on deployment it features real, combat-ready Royal Marines Commandos.

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The campaign premieres on YouTube today (Friday 23 August) at 6:30pm, before launching across broadcast television, cinema, video on demand and social media on the 24th August. The ad will be available on the link below from 6.30pm Friday.

We’re coming…

Royal Marine Commandos ad on YouTube

“This film showcases the stealth required during certain operations, and serves to highlight there are many facets to the “state of mind” needed to become a Royal Marines Commando”, said Paul Colley, Head of Marketing, Royal Navy.

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“It also reinforces that as a Royal Marine, you can be more than you ever thought possible”

Orlando Warner, Creative Director, ENGINE Creative says: “The Royal Marines are famed for their stealth and effectiveness.

“Not only does this film highlight these qualities, it also requires participation from the audience to notice the details of the operation.

“In doing so, our target audience are already being vetted to see how observant they are, and whether they have the state of mind it takes to become a Royal Marine.”