A perfect pairing as County Durham’s leading luxury resort partners with local Yarm-based distillery, Revelry Spirits, on a signature house serve of London dry gin.

Five-star luxury resort, Rockliffe Hall, is delighted to announce their first-ever Rockliffe Hall signature gin in collaboration with local urban distillery, Revelry Spirits, less than 10 miles from Rockliffe Hall. The gin is expertly distilled, bottled and labelled at Revelry’s working distillery, located on a small wynd off the cobbled high street in the historic market town of Yarm.

The design of the bespoke label features a contemporary black line drawing of Rockliffe Hall’s iconic Old Hall façade which dates to the 1800s and is positioned alongside Revelry’s signature bold branding.

Newly available as Rockliffe Hall’s house pour, the gin is a contemporary and tantalising take on an original London Dry gin. A small-batch gin, the ten botanicals flavouring the spirit include juniper, angelica root, bitter orange peel, kaffir lime leaves, lemon peel, liquorice root, coriander seeds, cassia bark and orris root. Kaffir lime is one of the key flavours in the gin, adding a powerful citrus taste. The balance of the botanicals leads to a fresh, punchy and zesty gin on the nose, with a lively hit of botanicals led by juniper that coats the mouth with a smooth, rich and creamy finish. 

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Rockliffe Hall guests can now enjoy the 42% ABV premium London dry gin in luxurious surroundings of The Cocktail Bar, where expert mixologists serve outstanding cocktails alongside the classic gin and tonic overlooking the beautiful 375-acre estate. Whilst the gin is best paired with Fever Tree’s Mediterranean tonic, plenty of ice and a twist of lemon or lime – Revelry’s master distiller recommends that it can be enjoyed neat, simply over a few ice cubes. 

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A perfect pairing, both Rockliffe Hall and Revelry Spirits share a philosophy of championing the best of the region. Revelry stands out for its use of local spring water in their spirits, which is sourced in neighbouring Richmond and filtered through limestone rock. Meanwhile, Rockliffe Hall not only supports local artisans, but much of what you’ll enjoy in Rockliffe Hall’s restaurants has been grown or foraged on the 375-acre estate. 

Later this Spring the resort will debut their walled garden, growing everything from edible flowers to herbs and fruit trees. The homegrown produce will not only provide a bountiful array of sustainable ingredients for chef, but also for the team of expert mixologists to further develop an overall sustainable, local-first cocktail offering.  

“Supporting small, local businesses such as Revelry Spirits is vital to us at Rockliffe Hall. Not only is it important for the region’s economy, but their operation and success contribute to the authenticity of our community. Besides, the flavours in the Revelry gin are superb and the ingredients are top-quality. I look forward to seeing the gin on our menu for guests to enjoy and learning about the cocktails our first-class mixology team are crafting” said Jason Adams, Managing Director of Rockliffe Hall.

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“We are delighted to be partnering with Rockliffe Hall. The resort is known for its luxurious offer and so aligns with our values to create premium products that are accessible.Like us, both Jason and the venue’s food and beverage manager, Claudio show a passion for locally sourced products and a real desire to support quality and craftsmanship within the food and beverage industry.Our product is a perfect fit and we are excited to hear guest feedback” added Katrina Rosser, Co-Founder of Revelry Spirits.