Property Store aims to provide an easier way of managing your property portfolio with its innovative solution. With one singular system, users can get a holistic view of all their sourcing and management needs for multiple locations in just seconds.

As well as keeping track of a landlord’s existing and potential portfolio through lettings management and deal sourcing capabilities, Property Store also includes a range of additional unique tools. An advanced scheduling system for viewings, in-built automated communication methods for dealing with tenants and even dedicated networking forums to help build up contacts within the industry are all part of the solution. 

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The integrated investment calculator also helps investors to assess the potential of a particular property, whilst automatic PDF download capabilities make it easier than ever to share information and updates with all stakeholders involved in a project. These added extras position the software as a necessity for anyone managing buy-to-let properties, be it one or one hundred, and it is designed to grow alongside a portfolio over time. 

Jake Barlow, Founder of Property Store said:

“As a buy-to-let investor, I was frequently overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information that has to be managed just for a single property. My reality was a huge number of spreadsheets, tabs and documents that were all in use simultaneously, and not only does that get confusing, it makes it really easy to lose or misplace important information just when it’s needed the most.”

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“Our sector has been crying out for a tool that works as a one-stop-shop for landlords and portfolio managers, but with so many areas to navigate, there hasn’t been a universal solution. This is why we’ve created Property Store, in order to help give back time to busy property professionals, whilst helping them to be as efficient and cost-effective as possible. Ultimately, Property Store has been created for landlords, by landlords.” 

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Typically, the property management systems already available either deal with just the front or back end of management.

Property Store aims to be a universal solution, and one that works with professionals from deal sourcing right through to tenancy management. Looking after lettings has never been easier, and Property Store is available for professionals with properties anywhere in the UK.